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Allison helped our son make significant strides...

"I highly recommend Allison Smith. She is thoughtful in her approach, very patient and extremely supportive. Our son immediately warmed up to her, and Allison would always find creative ways to make speech therapy fun for him. She brings an extreme depth of knowledge and expertise to her sessions, and she was an invaluable resource to me by taking the time to explain her approach and the techniques I could also use at home to further support my son. Allison helped our son make significant strides and we are extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with her.  

Beyond our son's sessions, Allison also provided invaluable guidance on the early intervention process, IEPs, and school advocacy. There is no doubt that Allison is dedicated to her work and to the families that she works with. Even years after my son stopped working with her, she went above and beyond to answer our questions and help us evaluate his speech therapy needs. 


We have seen many speech therapists over the years, and Allison clearly stands out as the one who made the most substantial impact on our son. She is truly an exceptional speech and language pathologist."

Allison really knows her craft...

"I had a wonderful experience working with Allison as a speech therapist for my son.  She has a true gift to make the child feel more mature and independent during her sessions, meaning that  my child, who normally had a pronounced separation anxiety, ushered me happily away as soon as Allison came to see him.  


My son made an immense progress while working with her.  He fully opened up to her and was always looking forward to their meetings.  Allison really knows her craft, specifically all the ins and outs of speech development and what can be expected at each stage, and she makes sure to deliver the information to the parents in a thorough and easily to understand manner.  


Also, Allison was always aware of the useful community resources, that she considered appropriate for my child in particular.  All in all, Allison exhibits an uncanny ability to fully engage the child, make it playful to the point that the child loves her, and yet provide the level of professionalism to get tangible results in speech development."

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Thanks to Allison, our daughter now meets the standards with communication skills for her age...

"Our family had the opportunity to know Allison Smith when she worked with our 2-year-old with speech delay. I cannot say enough good things about Allison’s style of working and her genuine involvement in my child’s development. Earlier, we were struggling to see any significant change with regular language development efforts and hence we were asked to seek services from a speech therapist. It was exciting to see how comfortable my daughter felt with Allison from day one and how we were able to see so much growth within the first few weeks. Allison continuously changed her style based on my daughter’s needs to keep her engaged and help her grow without feeling any pressure during the process. Allison has gone above and beyond not only to help my daughter’s growth but also was incredibly supportive and positive to all my family. She gave us continuous feedback and tricks to help us with our daughter’s growth. Thanks to Allison, our daughter now meets the standards with communication skills for her age and I do not think we could have done this without Allison’s hard work. Allison has a great personality, is very professional and knowledgeable and has a big heart. I would definitely recommend her to any family in need."

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