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Get in touch


Email me for a free  15 minute phone consultation.  We will discuss concerns you have about your child's communication and what services we can provide.  

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Schedule an appointment


If families want to move forward with services, we will set up an appointment for an evaluation.  I will then send you pre-evaluation forms to complete. 


In addition to these forms, if your child has a recent speech and language evaluation (within 6 months), I can review it and use our first session to complete some informal probing on current level of skills.  


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What to expect from the evaluation


At your appointment, I will conduct a thorough evaluation to determine your child's needs and develop a targeted treatment plan.  


My evaluations include a variety of methods including observation, caregiver interview, standardized norm referenced tests and criterion referenced tests.  I obtain information through designed activities and tasks with your child to learn more about their communication strengths.  This gives me information about what they can do and what prompts work well for them.

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